Complete Data Governance for Workplace by Facebook

The AI-infused, single solution for your Workplace security and compliance needs

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Safeguard Workplace without disrupting innovation

When people work together, anything is possible

Connect your whole organization to help people move faster and find new ways of working together through Workplace by Facebook. Use email less and collaborate more, streamline meetings and group calls, connect to the apps you already use – all in one place.

But first, put safeguards in place to ensure your collaborative environment results in a positive outcome – without disrupting innovation.

Aware's Enterprise AI is smart enough to do the work of 100 community managers

Aware by Wiretap is the one-stop compliance center for Workplace

Aware by Wiretap gives companies visibility and control of the unstructured data that lives in Workplace by Facebook. The SaaS platform offers monitoring and governance of employee interactions within Workplace. This enables regulatory compliance, facilitates safe collaboration, and provides actionable insights.

Aware’s proprietary AI leverages machine learning to identify behavior metrics, such as sentiment and toxic messages, including hate speech.

Aware and Workplace work hand in hand

We're #BetterTogether

Aware by Wiretap seamlessly integrates with the Workplace features you love.

Workplace Chat

Think Facebook Messenger. But for business. Pair Aware with Workplace Chat to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime—with transparency and confidence.

Mobile and Desktop Features

Workplace is the work tool that allows you to communicate, collaborate and connect across desktop and mobile. Now with Aware by Wiretap, you can do so safely and securely


Groups are collaboration spaces where projects get done. Use Aware to monitor open, closed or secret groups for sensitive file sharing or inappropriate employee behavior.

News Feed

News Feed makes sure that your posts get seen by the right people at the right time. And with likes, comments, and reaction you can get instant feedback on the pulse of the business.

Aware’s configurable policies further enhance findability with auto-hashtagging and notification capabilities based on keyword usage.


Workplace connects with popular enterprise tools so your team can get work done faster. As a product in the Workplace Integration Directory, the installation effort is minimal.


Getting Started with Aware

Aware’s out-of-the-box capabilities help your organization start gaining valuable insights on Day One. The platform is easily configurable, allowing your organization to refine policies and actions to satisfy unique needs and standards.

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Integrating Aware into your Workplace

Workplace admins love how Aware takes only a couple of hours to set up, and quickly enables key features, such as:


Rely on Aware by Wiretap to proactively monitor user behavior, data, files and conversations.

Policy Management

Aware comes out-of-the-box with 10,000+ pre-configured keywords, conditions, regular expressions, and more. After installation, configure your policy engine easily so that you see what matters most.

Configurable Actions

Set automatic actions to respond to a triggering incident. This includes, but is not exclusive to: Notify, Flag, Delete, and Tag.

Actionable Insights

With AI-infused behavior analysis capabilities—discover top performers and company champions who help reinforce digital workplace culture.

“Staff feel empowered when they collaborate in Workplace as equals, no matter where they are in the world. And with Aware by Wiretap, Oxfam is able to address the challenge of proper governance and data protection without interfering with that experience.”
Dianna Langley

Dianna Langely
Digital Workplace Manager, Oxfam

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About Wiretap

At Wiretap, we love collaboration and are exhilarated for the future of the digital workplace. We believe in the impact of increased cross-functional communication, enabled innovation and real-time information sharing.

That’s why we seek to serve as collaboration ‘unblockers’ for enterprises around the globe. We refuse to let human behavior risks halt innovation and progress.

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