The age of the digital workplace is here.

Human Behavior Risk Analysis - WiretapWorkstream collaboration tools like Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, and Microsoft Teams are transforming the way your employees work and share information.

These platforms make relevant knowledge (and metaknowledge) readily accessible while also allowing for unprecedented connectivity between teams, boosting employee productivity and engagement. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Despite all of the benefits of a company-sponsored collaboration platform, an unpredictable risk remains: human behavior.

Do you know if a toxic employee culture is brewing within private messages or groups? 

What about a potential security breach waiting to happen? It is easier than ever for employees to transmit information, including content that is confidential or risky. 

 75% of insider threats are accidental, this is a real risk for the modern organization. 

Get the Human Behavior Risk Analysis report to receive specific trends and benchmarks on:

  • shared sensitive information (in public AND private communications),

  • organizational sentiment and how it changes over time,

  • toxic behavior of employees,

  • the ratio of active ‘contributors’ versus ‘lurkers’.