Enterprise collaboration platforms, like Yammer® and Workplace by Facebook, continue to gain adoption in the enterprise.

But without proper controls and checks, they expose a company to incredible risk such as the recent case of sexual harassment at Uber.

Download the “Top 5 Enterprise Collaboration Security Risks Revealed — and How to Avoid Them,” a new business brief from Wiretap that:

  • Reveals the 5 critical security risks that you may not be aware of
  • Uncovers how to proactively monitor and prevent HR policy violations, such as sexual harassment
  • Identifies a practical security strategy to reduce risk and boost collaboration

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About Wiretap

Wiretap's flagship solution, Aware by Wiretap, empowers organizations to safely grow their enterprise collaboration programs, such as Microsoft Yammer®, Workplace by Facebook and Slack by securing against intellectual property and confidential data leaks, insider threats, HR policy violations, compliance issues and external sharing risks. As a critical part of an organization’s overall security fabric, Aware by Wiretap encourages and facilitates safe collaboration by monitoring files and conversations, as well as blocking material or communication that could place a company at risk.