You need more, better, faster collaboration! How do you reduce barriers to entry?

Whether formally deployed by a company or used informally by employees, ESNs are exploding in popularity. Aware by Wiretap runs without hassle in the background, keeping employees safe and improving your collaboration footprint. Our unique permission controls mean employees who require more sharing capabilities have them—without compromising the entire organization.

Gain Maximum ESN ROI

Enable rapid ESN rollout, grow internal collaboration and roll out new collaboration platforms so you can gain maximum return on investment.

Facilitate Deeper Employee Engagement

Encourage the continued use of internal social networks while increasing productivity and better serving distributed employees.

Meet Internal Business Requirements

Gain executive buy-in and IT alignment; encourage collaboration while adhering to internal policies and ensuring compliance.

Collaboration and communication professionals can aggressively promote the use of ESNs and collaboration tools within their organization to gain a maximum return on investment and rapid adoption.

Did You Know?


ESNs can increase staff retention by 25%


66% of companies are using ESNs, but only 1 in 5 employees are active users.

Aware by Wiretap empowers organizations to grow ESN adoption in both scale and usage, increasing time to value.