How Do You Securely Say “Yes” to the Growing Need for Collaboration?

Security issues often build slowly and unfold as boundaries are tested and limits are pushed. Organizations using Aware by Wiretap can begin to see behavioral patterns as they unfold; small security breaches can be stopped in their tracks before they unfold into larger, more complex and damaging issues. Aware provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that security threats and gaps and risk exposure are already minimized or mitigated, as every ESN and collaboration tool used is well protected.

Encourage Positive Collaboration

Aware by Wiretap protects all collaboration platforms so you can rollout ESNs rapidly and grow internal collaboration.

Mitigate Security Threats

With Aware by Wiretap, your organization can safeguard confidential information and mitigate external sharing leaks.

Do More With Less

Automated monitoring requires fewer resources and easy-to-use functionality requires minimal training.

Knowing that the organization is protected, CIOs can say yes to collaboration while limiting security exposure and avoid being “the next headline.”

Did You Know?


58% of all data security threats come from the extended enterprise (employees, ex-employees and trusted partners)


An insider attack costs a company approximately $412,000 per incident and approximately $15 million in annual losses per company.

Aware by Wiretap protects your enterprise from insider threats — making sure your collaboration tools can’t be used to steal information.


An aware by Wiretap Use Case: Staying Compliant and Protecting Sensitive Information