Dr. Freeman PHI

3/21/90 is the dob for patient Gina Smothers

Mel Fargo
Mel Fargo PCI

My corp card number is 3456 8923 9328 2300 exp 10/21 cv 338

Harvey W. Stein
Harvey W. Stein HR

Want to come back to my hotel room and get the big O 😉

Pat Lauer
Pat Lauer Threat

You better not show anyone this or you'll be fired …

Stephen Jobs
Stephen Jobs Leak

did you hear about our lfl sales for last qtr? up 22%! (Keep that to yourself)

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Aware by Wiretap gives you AI-infused compliance and culture protection for your collaboration platforms.

Leverage Deep Scan technology to gain visibility into public and private messages, and take automatic actions.

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From regulatory compliance and data governance to company culture and employee interactions, it’s time to dive deep into the most unpredictable risk of all — human behavior.

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Understand company sentiment and orgins of toxic behavior.

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Identify workplace harassment before it becomes a headline.

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Maintain compliance with internal and external regulations, including GDPR.

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Safeguard against potential exposure of highly sensitive information.

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Press Releases

Oxfam International Selects Aware By Wiretap Governance, Compliance Solution For Workplace By Facebook Collaboration Environment

Wiretap Partnership Offers Workplace By Facebook Customers Unprecedented Awareness, Insight Into Organizational Behavior

Wiretap Launches Aware Data Management Module to Facilitate General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance on Enterprise Collaboration Platforms

Perspicuity, Wiretap Announce Partnership to Deploy Aware by Wiretap Platform, Extending Governance, Compliance, Human-centric Insight to Enterprises Using Teams, Yammer