Dr. Freeman PHI

3/21/90 is the dob for patient Gina Smothers

Mel Fargo
Mel Fargo PCI

My corp card number is 3456 8923 9328 2300 exp 10/21 cv 338

Harvey W. Stein
Harvey W. Stein HR

Want to come back to my hotel room and get the big O 😉

Pat Lauer
Pat Lauer Threat

You better not show anyone this or you'll be fired …

Stephen Jobs
Stephen Jobs Leak

did you hear about our lfl sales for last qtr? up 22%! (Keep that to yourself)

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Aware by Wiretap is the AI-infused, single solution for collaboration security and compliance needs, removing barriers to adoption while protecting culture for collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook, Teams, Yammer and more ...

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From regulatory compliance and data governance to company culture and employee interactions, it’s time to dive deep into the most unpredictable risk of all — human behavior.

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Understand company sentiment and origins of toxic behavior.

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Identify workplace harassment before it becomes a headline.

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Maintain compliance with internal and external regulations, including GDPR.

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Safeguard against potential exposure of highly sensitive information.

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